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Last date for late payment for balancing payment of tax

Last date for late payment for balancing payment of tax before a 5% surcharge is levied. Dont miss it, contact John at

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Budget 2017 - 2018

Personal Tax

Personal Allowance £11,500
Dividend Allowance £5,000
Interest Allowance - Basic Rate £1,000
Interest Allowance - HIgher Rate £500
Reduction of Allowance (born after 5/4/48) £100,000
Reduction of Allowance (born before 5/4/48) £28,000
Married Couples Allowance (maximum) £8,455
Married Couples Allowance (minimum) £3,260
Transferable Tax Allowance £1,150
Blind Person's Allowance £2,320

Tax Rates

0-£5000 (Savings only) 0%
Basic Rate (0 - £33,500) 20%
Higher Rate (£33,501 - £150,000) 40%
Additional (over £150,000) 45%


0 - £33,500 7.50%
£33,501 - £150,000 32.50%
Over £150,000 38.10%

National Insurance

Class 1  
£157 to £866 per week 12%
Over £866 per week 2%
Employers Rate 13.80%
Class 2  
4 - Between £8164 and £45,000 9%
4 - Above £45,000 2%
2 - Above £6,025 2.85 per week
Employment Allowance £3,000

Corporate Tax

Main Rate 19%


Annual Exemption £11,300
Basic Rate (Residential) 18%
Higher Rate (Residential) 28%
Basic Rate (Other) 10%
Higher Rate (Other) 20%
Entrepeneur Relief 10%


ISA £20,000

Connor Spencer


What Connor Spencer does is take away stress.

Half our clients probably couldn’t do what we do for them – that’s why they engage us. The other half probably could do it; but they know they are better off sticking to their own skills and maximising what they do best. We’re here for you whatever your skills or needs. 

We have one specialisation. We are a one-stop-shop for SMEs: sole traders, partnerships and owner-managed Ltd Companies. From basic bookkeeping, through accounts preparation, to corporate and personal tax calculation and tax returns we take away all your problems.

We don’t do large companies. We don’t do PLCs. We don’t do audits – rarely needed nowadays anyway.

What makes us different?

Not our services for sure. No matter how it’s dressed up accountants all do the same thing – bookkeeping, accounts, tax, tax returns, VAT, PAYE, CIS, management accounts, business start-ups, etc.

What makes us different is.......

..........our clients are recommended to us because – we’re told – ‘you can talk to them’. And we listen. We listen to your needs, how you want us to work with you, and we are flexible and friendly in our approach to make our working partnership with you easy. We're on the end of a phone, or an e-mail and we get back to you promptly when you need us to. We take away the strain and make your life easier.

And we love technology.


Just as well since the Government has made it all but impossible for businesses to operate without fairly sophisticated software and computers. We can back up those of you who love computers, and be the software for those of you who don’t.

So much is now more efficiently done ‘on line’ today: submission of accounts, annual returns, company director and other reports to Companies House; submission of corporate tax returns, submission of personal tax returns, submission of VAT returns. All these regular activities plus a plethora of start up forms, and termination forms – all done on line.

Connor Spencer is up to date with the best of the software needed to deal with these areas efficiently.

We also use state-of-the-art software for the basic preparation of accounts, tax returns, and so on.

Should you care?

Care that you have chosen our firm to meet your needs and the needs of 21st Century business. The detail is for us to care about. We take away your worries.

Contact Us on 01582 715 381 or email

Connor Spencer Ltd
Co No: 07940478 (Registered in England and Wales)
5 Waterside, Station Road, Harpenden, AL5 4US

Our professional indemnity insurer is Aon UK Limited of Eastwood House, Glebe Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1QW.
The territorial coverage is worldwide excluding United States of America or Canada.