We are a one-stop shop for small businesses: self employed, partnerships, Limited Companies. That's our specialisation. We're not limited to particular industry sectors.

Our clients include builders, artists, financial advisors, writers, graphic designers, retail shops, wholesale jewellers, film special effects technicians, software development companies, man-and-van businesses, advertising companies....... fact if we don't represent a business yet, it's only a matter of time.

We serve their needs as small businesses, we help them grow, and we encourage them to develop to as large as their owners have ambition for ..... even though that sometimes means we have to pass them on to other accountants who can take them to their next stage.

We have very high client retention:

* We have now clients we have had since we started nearly 30 years ago.

* We have clients who are the daughters and sons of our original clients.

* And one story demonstrates our client loyalty. We had a client in  our early days (when we started in Barnet) who was forced by ill-health to give up his business. Over ten years later he re-started his business and tracked us down to Harpenden to where we had relocated, insisting we had served him so well he only wanted us as his accountants. It's a unique story, but there have been many similar, positive, comments from clients over the years.

We intend to continue to met the needs of clients so that we continue to hear these feel-good comments.  

Contact us on 01582 715 381 or email

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